Day Care
October 29, 2009, 6:26 am
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So I’m out and about this one night, not having much luck. And I come across this. A merry-go-round! So I figure, what the hell right.


Weeeeeeee!!! Yaaaay!


So I look up and see a big sign on the house/building. It says GENTLE PAW DAY CARE. I wasat first a bit confused. Paws are on dogs or furries. But day care is for  kids…which  I also now have. So the way I looked at it…Ya know, I work late nights. Hiring a day care center for my little tiger would probably do him well so hes not home in his crib all the time. So I thought I would take a tour.daycare_004
So because I want to be a nice “parent” I try to use the door politely. What do I get? “:

[19:25]  Security Door kids: Unauthorized entry attempt detected”. I found that a bit akward but I guess thats just the time we live in. Want to keep the crazies out (coughs)

The high chairs seemed to very stable and kept in good condition. Ok, this place was growing on me. Nevermind that they were shoved into the corner of the kitchen, but you know, it was prob just to save space.


There was also a spanking chair in the room. I’m not against day care discipline, really. But this chair had some very questionable options…”spread legs”, “grab bottom””cry for more”. ..


But then there was this big pink bear in the living room. I gave it a try and thought..ok..I could nap here. Sure. My doubts from the spanky chair were put on hold. So I thought I’d now check out the middle floor.

daycare_008So I  upstairs and see matching girl boys cribs/beds which is nice. But yet I’m still a bit put off by the cold marble floor and blacked out windows. I don’t get it. I thought daycares were supposed to be filled with Donald Duck’s and shit.

I try out the bed. Not bad.

Like I said before…Good high chairs, comfy big pink teddy, nice napping beds…And yet something is sill a bit off for me. Concrete floors, blacked out windows, no room service. Than I realize, camming up..there is another floor. So I Tp up there..






Believe it or not…this wasn’t the point where I said thanks but no thanks to this Daycare service….


[19:40]  Daisy Ichi whispers: You are carefully place over the open petal of the Daisy; chains are attached to your wrists and ankles securing you to the frame. Sitting… waiting… for the moment…To be honest…this wasn’t it either…


The hover text says "Free Pony Gear"


“Free Pony Gear”…Yeah..that pretty much did it…

I waited for about 20 mintutes for Jody Foster to show up and shoot that cross dressing, tucking mofo in the face..but no dice. I went screaming from the house before I was forced to rub the lotion on my skin. It was right about now that I realized why I had to to post the locations of these peoples places..because no one..NOT EVEN ME..would believe this one…see for yourself…oh and there was this..


Text reads "0$ tips donated so far. Please help us keep going"

Here’s your tip..Not a chance in hell 



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Your blog is awesome. I do a bit of b/e myself, but I go for no impact. Hilarious. 🙂

Comment by Ruby Miggins

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