Day Care
October 29, 2009, 6:26 am
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So I’m out and about this one night, not having much luck. And I come across this. A merry-go-round! So I figure, what the hell right.


Weeeeeeee!!! Yaaaay!


So I look up and see a big sign on the house/building. It says GENTLE PAW DAY CARE. I wasat first a bit confused. Paws are on dogs or furries. But day care is for  kids…which  I also now have. So the way I looked at it…Ya know, I work late nights. Hiring a day care center for my little tiger would probably do him well so hes not home in his crib all the time. So I thought I would take a tour.daycare_004
So because I want to be a nice “parent” I try to use the door politely. What do I get? “:

[19:25]  Security Door kids: Unauthorized entry attempt detected”. I found that a bit akward but I guess thats just the time we live in. Want to keep the crazies out (coughs)

The high chairs seemed to very stable and kept in good condition. Ok, this place was growing on me. Nevermind that they were shoved into the corner of the kitchen, but you know, it was prob just to save space.


There was also a spanking chair in the room. I’m not against day care discipline, really. But this chair had some very questionable options…”spread legs”, “grab bottom””cry for more”. ..


But then there was this big pink bear in the living room. I gave it a try and thought..ok..I could nap here. Sure. My doubts from the spanky chair were put on hold. So I thought I’d now check out the middle floor.

daycare_008So I  upstairs and see matching girl boys cribs/beds which is nice. But yet I’m still a bit put off by the cold marble floor and blacked out windows. I don’t get it. I thought daycares were supposed to be filled with Donald Duck’s and shit.

I try out the bed. Not bad.

Like I said before…Good high chairs, comfy big pink teddy, nice napping beds…And yet something is sill a bit off for me. Concrete floors, blacked out windows, no room service. Than I realize, camming up..there is another floor. So I Tp up there..






Believe it or not…this wasn’t the point where I said thanks but no thanks to this Daycare service….


[19:40]  Daisy Ichi whispers: You are carefully place over the open petal of the Daisy; chains are attached to your wrists and ankles securing you to the frame. Sitting… waiting… for the moment…To be honest…this wasn’t it either…


The hover text says "Free Pony Gear"


“Free Pony Gear”…Yeah..that pretty much did it…

I waited for about 20 mintutes for Jody Foster to show up and shoot that cross dressing, tucking mofo in the face..but no dice. I went screaming from the house before I was forced to rub the lotion on my skin. It was right about now that I realized why I had to to post the locations of these peoples places..because no one..NOT EVEN ME..would believe this one…see for yourself…oh and there was this..


Text reads "0$ tips donated so far. Please help us keep going"

Here’s your tip..Not a chance in hell 



A Little R & R
October 29, 2009, 4:04 am
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I’ve been working hard as of late and figured it was time for a vacation. Some time to work on my tan and such. So I took off to some private resort rentals.

R&R_002But also, you know how the saying goes. “You can take the man out of the office, but not the office out of the man”.  Descartes said that.


This was a nice hut. Had a mini bar and everything. Plenty of poseballs (which were all labeled with “…her” for some strange reason) and a STRIPPER POLE!


I head next door and once again am struck wondering why everything is labeled “her” this or “her” that. Not to mention pictures of vaginas all over the walls.


I believe this is called “Ironic Punishment”.

So right after that… I stopped and checked my location on the map – “Lesbian Island Resort Rentals. Niverna”.


Yeah..I’m gonna need a  minute.


When you make the kind of mistake I make while choosing a vacation spot, It’s important to salvage what you can. So I headed next door and went inside, mind you not even seeing the pentagram flag hanging out side. I figured I would pull one of these off the wall when..


Collision with: “Stinger


 “Collision with: “Stinger“,  “Collision with: “Stinger“, “Collision with: “Stinger“,  “Collision with: “Stinger




It was right about here I learned a very important fact about myself as my neck and face swelled up to the size of a football.


1. I’m apparently allergic to bees oh and always check your destination before going on vacation in Second Life.


Where the Wild Things Yiff
October 26, 2009, 7:46 am
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I usually only have one reaction when I come up on places with a sign like this. Not to mention there was a picture of a Furry right next to it.


Like really, why not just paint a biiiiiig target on the side of your skybox. Normally I just find secret ways into places. Not this time.


No offense but if you are going to put a big sign on your house that says “DONT COME IN HERE”, I’m going to make sure you knew I was there.


So on inside I look around, and yeah for the most part empty. Not the first time I’ve walked into mostly empty rooms. But this was a Furry residence. There was no way I was going to walk out of this place disappointed or empty handed


Dear god, they have a litter. Please let them be gone. I dont’ have the rooom or the leashes to take on anymore rugrats (zing).


I’m sure this would make more sense with a tail.


I’m sure even if I had a tail, this stilll wouldn’t.

Now this is what I’m talking about. A BED IN THE SHAPE OF A PAW!


Really, when it comes down to a sex generation bed with options like “Lick Each Other“, “Sniff Her“, “Group Fun“, “Male on Male” or “Lick Self“…You really can’t do much better than a giant paw.


So Just as I was about to take this puppy (zing) for a test drive..what do I see over my shoulder.



Consider my fun ruined. There was no way I could test this sex-paw with that looking at me. I really only had one option


So I’ll fully admit..I had to pee. BAD.  I should have gone before t the house but I also figured if I really had to go, there would just be another cop car around somewhere. There wasn’t.


Now before you judge, think of me getting justice for anyone who has come home after a crappy day at work and the first thing to greet you is nice pile of poo or a nice warm puddle for you to clean up, curtiousy of the house pet.


What relief looks like


Just marking my territory. YIFF!


I noticed this sign on my way out. And couldn’t help but think, “Yep, right back atcha'”.


Storming the Castle
October 23, 2009, 11:41 pm
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gorean 2_001
Anyone who is good at their job enjoys a good challenge. Which is exactly why I thought, what the hell…Let’s see what this castle is about.

gorean 2_003

Notice me in the corner by the dungeon door

So The only way into a castle is from the dungeon, any casual Monty Python fan knows this. But as I get down there I look up and what do I see standing on the ground above me….

gorean 2_002

Oh freaking great…GOREANS. Of all the castles in all the “lands”..I get a Gorean one. I was here and just had to make sure to be extra careful, thus I get trapped, or netted or collared or some other crazy shit.

gorean 2_004

So As I try to sneak through the gate, I get this message – ”  [13:11]  Object: A compatible pick tool is needed to pick the lock. “…This place was practically begging me to rob it. Note to all you midevial Goreans in Second Life…they do have these things called POWER DRILLS. It’s a really amazing modern tool that runs on these things called “Batteries”


So I get in through the dungeon and it pretty much has all the sex racks, and bondage chairs and cock pullers and the usual stuff that you can imagine or have already seen here…Though the “present yourself” option was a bit too tempting to pass up. I didn’t really have time to stop and try out the rest, as this place was obviously crawling with Gors.




So I walk up to the first floor of the castle and suddenly hear people talking. So I creep up to the corner and sure enough…


[12:43]  GS (Male): so i can trade you to your siters

[12:43]  CH (female): “Oh I’d like that very much !”

[12:43]  CC (female): smiles, yes save her from boogs lol

[12:44]  GS: hahaha

[12:44]  GS: but maybe she love him ?

[12:44]  GS: do you love your master ?

 [12:45]  CH: “No” *her tone flat and pointed*

[12:45]  GS: and me ?

[12:45]  GS: do you love me ?

[12:45]  CH: “You’re all right” *forces a slight smile*

[12:45]  GS: aww you love the women then

[12:46]  CH: *nods to Chloe* “She’s very sweet, for certain, Master”

[12:46]  GS: then she can be your mistress

[12:46]  CH: “But I am not into women though..if that’s what you mean”

[12:46]  CC: coughs

[12:46]  CC: ermm, i think sh’ed rather return home love

[12:46]  GS: i think too

[12:47]  GS: do you know write girl ?

 [12:47]  CH: “I can read and write if that’s what you mean. I was raised to be a skald, then learned reading and writing from a scribe in the south”

 [12:49]  CH: *holds up the paper to Galaad*

[12:49]  GS: tell we wait the asnwer one day, no more

[12:50]  CH: *draws the paper back down and writes on it again*

 [12:50]  GS attach the paper to a bird and send it

[12:50]  CH: “And if they refuse ?”

[12:50]  GS: if they refuse you stay here owned bu boogie

[12:51]  GS: and he can do all he want with you



[12:51]  CH: *looks down at her knees thoughtfully and nods slowly*

[12:51]  GS: but dont worry all the women say he have a litle sword

[12:52]  CC: laughs, well its hard not to see through his kilt

[12:52]  CH: *snickers, covering her mouth*

[12:52]  CC: especiallt when he runs

[12:52]  CC: especially*

[12:52]  GS: its a trap for the women then

[12:53]  GS: as they look his sword they aim him bad

 [12:53]  coral Caproni: ermm, if you want to call it that yes i guess laughs

[12:54]  GS: (can you IM one of your sister ?)

[12:54]  CH: Sure.

[12:54]  CH: ((what do you want me to say to them ?))

[12:54]  GS: (do ans tell me if one come)

[12:55]  GS: (what i say to write on the paper)

[12:55]  GS: one salt for your freedom and one come alone

Right about there is where I said “oohhhhkay, I’ve heard enough”, and headed up to the next floor quitly. I wasn’t really worried about them detecting me, as I don’t think “radar” was invented yet to them. But they do have chains and arrows and wooden dildo thanks.


God help us all. You can’t see my expression but if you remember in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, when he sees the kid slaves for the first time..Yeah it was pretty much that. (/me covers my heart)




“mm yes I do believe this piece dates back to the pre gorean rennasaince yes notice the coloring on that 6 year old slaves succulant yes a very nice ‘piece’ indeed yes, get it ol’ chap..piece mmhm”


Sometimes I could be on a job for hours and cant decide between what to take and what not to take. Not this time. I saw this amazing masterpiece and Knew I had to have it.


Ok so..I’m in this Gorean Sex Slave Castle right..and I come across a large box..with the words “Smilee’s Cool Room: Keep Out”. Now…what do you think is going to happen?


Not gonna lie..this was a bit of a let down. Of course it could have also been the rump of a disobient slave mistress..So I had that going for me.


So I thought I had seen enough and decided to head out..but as I’m leaving..


SHIT! They are standing right there. My exit was blocked. I had to head back in and find another door.


I head back in for another exit…and what happens…


SHIT! SHIT! Another exit blocked!..I had one chance, the Roof.


WTF IS THIS!!! Donkey Kong…jesus.


So I FINALLY make it up to the roof..and it was right about there that I realized my um..dilema. How-The-Hell do I get down now without them seeing me? I’ve already taken a 7 story spill once, I wasn’t about to try that again. I had to jump to the crossbridge…ehhh



That didnt hurt as bad as I thought it would but I wasnt out of the woods yet..


I had only one escape left


Another close call averted


Of course I swam away I had to hear this:

[13:22]  SS(Female): ok eve get your panther gear on

/me shudders


Home Alone
October 15, 2009, 1:59 am
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home alone_001
I’m going to be 100% honest here. I’ve never understood fish tanks in people’s Second Life houses. I mean having a real fish is pretty much a one way relationship anyway. At least these fish weren’t encased in a stereo system.

home alone_002

There are just some things you don’t turn down. Sample bbq cocktail wieners or cheese squares at the grocer, ice cream samples and free towels.

home alone_004

We’re getting physical on the big bright purple treadmill..yeah

home alone_005

 So really, who doesnt have a giant waterfall running through their living room? I thought this is going to be amazing

home alone_006

So here I was ready to pull this amazing portrait off the wall..when I heard something upstairs. Nothing and I mean NOTHING could have prepared me for what was about to happen.

home alone_007

So at the top of the stairs is a nursery. big deal. Everyone knows having kids in SL is “perfectly normal”. So I walk up to the crib and what do I find…

home alone_008


home alone_009

A baby was in the crib, crying  and it appeared NO ONE ELSE WAS HOME. WHATTHEFUCK WHATTHEFUCK!

home alone_010

Now lets face it, I’m not great with kids. Someone in my profession doesn’t exactly make an ideal father. But no one was around and if the neighbors hear a baby crying and suspect something is up, they call the cops and I’m not exactly popular with them right now. I just thought I could do something to shut it up.

home alone_011

I even tried does that song go?:

“hush little baby dont say a word. Please for the love of god don’t drop a turd (sing works).

Im going to get you a erm..fairy painting. And if you don’t like the  fairy painting..erm…tough shit because I’m not giving you my unicorn painting

So right about then I heard some other noises coming from the room next door..So I’m thinking the naked lady with the stars is actually home. Now again, I should have just put the kid down and gotten out..but I had one of those “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU” moments..especially when I saw that the door was hanging wide open..

I swear I didn't do this

I swear I didn't do this

I just break into places an play with people’s sex dungeons ok…I couldn’t harm a kitten. So I go into the master bedroom next door thinking the noises are coming from the mom.

home alone_013

WRONG. Fuck me, oops sorry..pardon my language in front of the kid..but FUCK ME.. So mom has porn on her tv, goes out, leaves baby home alone..

home alone_014

It was right about here where it became abundantly clear what I had to do..

home alone_015

home alone_017

home alone_015

home alone_016


home alone_019

I know this is going to look all Limbergh baby and shit…and I don’t care. In the long run, this little tiger will thank me. And if worst comes to worst, In a few years..I have an accomplice


No One Loves You More Than You …Except Me
October 13, 2009, 9:14 am
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bros_008So I came onto this smallish beachhouse, and noticed the security camera. Like it was an ACTUAL security camera and not some imaginary system from the sky. I thought I’d introduce myself


So I thought what the hell, it’s seen me, might as well say hello.

So the first thing I notice is the giant video playing on the tv screen. The music to this vid was some bad trance rip off of Seven Nation Army and all I could think about are these four chads walking up to a club entrance asking each other “Yo Bra, whoze gots da roofies yo?”

And I turn an see this giant self made Ambercrombie and Fitch advertisement on the wall (except for the girl of course) and again, just lost all measure of self control.


And then I turn around and gasp and see this…


I knew as soon as I saw him I would have him, Proposition 8 be damned or not

I found this odd. There was no furniture in this room. The only reason I could come up with is he couldn’t find any furniture with his own face on it.

At this point, I have already found what I was looking for. So I headed upstairs for a little alone time.

Aaaaand then back down for some R&R


And then I just thought, one last time. I would show the camera who is boss.



New York: If You Can Break in Here, You Can Break in Anywhere
October 8, 2009, 10:32 pm
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OLD NY_004

OLD NY_005

Who in NY City DOESNT lock their rooftop door? THIS GUY.


So I’m looking around this place and thinking..very nice.. oh..oh whats that on the table?


Don’t mind if I do.



kowloon_002 (2)

Now right about here is where I honestly don’t remember much else from that night. So Ill just let the pictures do the talking:








Right about here is where I started coming down, and feeling like the floor of a taxi cab. I was also naked for some reason.


So I passed out for a few. Fuck it if they came home.


I tried to get back to work, noticing this basquit painting..but I puked on it.


..and the car..


And myself.

This is where I got the munchies..BIG TIME. So I thought I’d hit the fridge.  FAIL. Only in New York does  a stoner have nothing but fuits and vegetables.